Chef Profile

Internationally renowned, Head Chef Thomas Ege offers an exceptional wealth of experience to define the culinary voice of Lime & Pepper restaurant.

From working in the Cayman Islands to a number of hatted restaurants across Europe, Thomas leaves no culinary stone unturned. And if holding a qualification as a Master Chef isn’t enough, some of his most unique and notable accolades include cooking for the former president of the Soviet Union, the Crown Prince of Qatar and the Chancellor of Germany.

Embracing the produce of Tropical North Queensland, Thomas explores the region’s pastures to find growers of native ingredients like finger limes and Davidson plums as well as producers for premium meats and other high quality ingredients. Enjoying a holiday vibe and taking pleasure in designing the Lime & Pepper menu, Thomas values mingling with restaurant guests to hear their thoughts on each dish and how they have experienced the share menu among their company.

If previously undecided about where to dine in Palm Cove, be sure to set aside time and indulge in the creations of world-class Chef Thomas Ege at Lime & Pepper restaurant.