Our restaurant is open for breakfast only and breakfast is served a la carte. On the Rocks Pool Bar is serving drinks, cocktails and lunch.

Full of exciting flavours, delve into our menu of Tastes and Plates and create the culinary experience that suits you.

Highlighting fresh local produce, our menu is designed to be shared and focusses on our unique region, proudly boasting premium ingredients sourced from the nearby glistening ocean and thriving Atherton Tablelands region. Incorporating native ingredients and regionally farmed produce, your dining experience may include mountain pepper spiced lamb sirloin farmed regionally, finger lime pearls, Gallo Dairyland farm cheese and beautiful burgundy coloured Davidson plum jam..

Complementing each dish is a comprehensive wine selection to showcase unusual varieties of both national and international pickings, giving you the chance to discover a new flavour combination. Alternatively, our cocktail selection shows off tempting spirits in an easy reflection of tropical surrounds.

Imagine kicking back with the likes of a Twisted Watermelon Mojito, featuring Havana Rum and muddled with mint, limes and brown sugar shaken and topped with soda, or livening the senses with a Tahiti Bikini of Mt Gay rum, Midori, Malibu and Blue Curacao built with orange and pineapple juice for delicious refreshment.

Dining menu